Do you have a stutter? Does one of your kids have a stutter? Do you know somebody who has a stutter?

Stuttering is a much bigger problem than lots of people believe. The newest research suggests that a larger portion of the population has a stuttering problem, with a high percentage being males.

Stuttering is often seen in young children and can be a huge issue for them in their social development. Often we see children with a stutter withdraw from social activities and keep to themselves a lot due to the fear that others will tease and make fun of them.

Speech Therapy can assist your child with overcoming a stutter with time and the proper treatment. This will help build your child’s confidence and you will see great improvements in their social interactions in school and around others.

A stutter left un-treated can take more work to overcome and we have seen cases where it creates a lot of withdrawal and often other issues with the child if not treated.

There are a variety of treatments for stuttering available and this is something we can assist your child with at Essence of Communication.

We have convenient locations to assist you with this:

Speech Therapy in Brighton
Speech Therapy in Longmont
Speech Therapy in Thornton

Reach out today to find out more and schedule a free Speech Therapy consultation call.


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