Our  Processes

Important Information
Client portal:
you will be able to access therapy records, financial statements, and receive messages from your therapist or office.
Automatic appointment reminders:
Don’t miss an appointment. You or anyone else you designate can receive an email and/or text appointment reminder.
IEP meetings, etc:
If you request us to attend an IEP or other professional meeting, or additional records that are not part of our daily services, these are done at an additional charge and at the therapist’s availability.
Session length:
Typical: 30 minute sessions

Available 45 and 60 minute sessions dependent upon client therapeutic need

Comprehensive: Evaluate all areas of communication.

Limited: specific to an area of concern. Example: voice only, fluency only, speech sounds only.

Session frequency:
Typical: 1 time per week

Available: 2 or more times per week dependent upon client therapeutic need and scheduling availability.

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