Private Practice

At Essence of Communication we strongly believe in having meaningful relationships and interactions with our clients and their families. Our private practice setting provides that foundation.
Child Speech Therapy
What makes receiving speech therapy or occupational therapy in a private practice great:

  1. 1:1 therapy sessions for 30 minutes. Can be longer if therapeutically indicated.
  2. Collaboration with client and family members to establish and work on goals that are important to the client and/or family.
  3. Education and training in techniques, strategies, etc. for family members to facilitate carryover but also to enhance the therapy process.
  4. Therapy sessions are individualized for the client. Sessions can be modified that day for a specific need or concern.
Children's Speech Therapist
5. Support: opportunity to talk with the therapist about concerns, progress, etc. on a weekly basis at the appointment, or as needed via: phone, email, or text.
6. Coordination of services with other service providers including school Speech Therapists.
7. Can receive specialized or highly focused services. Each of our therapists have their own specialty(ies) as well as being able to provide overall speech-language pathology services.
Contact us to see if we provide a specialty that you are looking for or just general speech-language pathology services. See Speech Language and More for a complete list of Diagnoses and Impairments.
8. Opportunity to receive services as frequently as therapeutically indicated
9. We provide services based on need and not from a score on a test.
We strive to match therapist with client based on services needed as well as personality of client and therapist. Should there be a mismatch we can schedule you with another therapist so that the benefits of therapy reach their full potential.
Private practice does not mean private pay only. Essence of Communication is an in-network provider for most insurance companies. Private Pay is only when your insurance will not cover the services we recommend and provide. We offer a reduced rate for our clients who must pay privately. See Insurance vs Private Pay for more details.

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