We are proud to have offices in Brighton, Longmont and Northglenn/Westminster serve their communities and their surrounding areas.

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Articulation / Speech sounds: examples: says tate for cake, white for right, sounds slushy, leaves out sounds, mumbles

Receptive Language: difficulty: following directions, answering questions, doesn’t respond to comments made to them

Expressive Language: not talking, has fewer words than peers/siblings, words are out of order

Thinking Skills: poor organization, can’t problem solve or reason

Social Communication: doesn’t talk with others, says inappropriate things, can’t carry on a conversation


Voice: hoarse voice, sometimes no voice, too low or high of volume/loudness

Feeding/Swallowing: avoids certain foods, specific food preferences, difficulty chewing and/or swallowing foods/liquids

Play Skills: skills appear lower than peers/siblings, does not play with others

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21 N 1st Ave. Suite 190, Brighton CO 80601

421 21st Ave. Suite 3, Longmont CO 80501

11154 Huron St. Suite 101, Northglenn CO 80234

Longmont Speech Therapist

We service these surrounding communities: Berthoud, Boulder, Dacono, Erie, Firestone, Frederick, Johnstown, Lafayette, Louisville, Loveland, Lyons, rural Weld, Boulder, and Larimer counties.

421 21st Ave Ste 3
Longmont CO 80501


For a referral please call 303-659-4090 x 101

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
8:00 – 5:30


What Our Clients say

Our Happy Clients

“AMAZING would be an understatement, This place is phenomenal. Best staff! an so easy to work with an there care is EXCEPTIONAL! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!”

Amber Hilton

“We absolutely love Ms. Sarah. My son has learned so much and enjoys spending his sessions with her.”

Amy Braun

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