Getting  Started



When we talk with you we will get the following information and answer your questions including:

(a). Insurance information
(b). Scheduling preferences for therapy sessions
(c). Determine your specific concerns to match you to the therapist who can meet your specific concerns.
(d). Office location

2. We verify your insurance benefits by online and calling the insurance. We will determine if authorizations are required, and the process. This may take 2-3 business days.
We encourage you to call your insurance company as well to know your benefits. If you call them please make sure that you ask under what circumstances speech therapy is covered. Many have exclusions and do not cover speech therapy for developmental concerns.

3. We call you back to let you know your insurance benefits: deductible, co-pay/co-insurance, if it is a covered benefit under your plan, etc

4. Email your paperwork to be completed and returned via online. Paperwork is a fillable PDF on any device. This allows us to match you to the best therapist to meet your specific communication needs.

5. When the paperwork is received we will schedule the evaluation /initial appointment (if you have had an evaluation elsewhere). No appointments will be scheduled unless we receive the paperwork first.

6. We have set times that we do evaluation/initial appointments. Please be advised that this may require you to take your child out of school and/or time off from work. We will schedule your therapy sessions to work with your schedule.

7. Appointment reminder is sent for initial appointment, either text and/or email.



1. Check in with front office staff member:

(a). Confirm that we have all of the correct information in our system.
(b). Payment information if applicable.
(c). Receive new client packet.

2. Review history form with the therapist.

3. Assessment: this may be with formal tests or informal interactions and observations. If you have been evaluated elsewhere, such as: with a recent IEP/FSP, Kaiser, or other our assessment will be more informal. We will need copies of these reports – you can send them to us prior to the appointment (preferred) or bring them with you to the appointment.

4. You as the parent may be asked to wait in the waiting room during testing.

5. Brief summary of impressions.

6. Confirm start of therapy schedule.



Regular therapy sessions:
1. Our therapy sessions are scheduled as standing appointments, same day of week same time. If you need a more flexible schedule please let your therapist know.

2. If you need to cancel an appointment we will try to reschedule.

3. Most of our sessions are 30 minutes in length. We can do 45 and 60 minute sessions if it is therapeutically indicated. Sessions end 5-7 minutes early to review what was done in the session, give you homework, answer any questions you may have, etc.

4. See our general FYI section for more details regarding sessions


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