General  Information


Payment is due at time services are provided

We accept cash, check, credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) including HSA / FSA cards.
For credit/debit cards we store your card information in our secure Electronic Health Records system and charge your card each time you are seen without you having to remember to bring it each time. You receive an electronic receipt each time your card is charged.Payment is due at the time services are rendered.

Receive appointment reminders via text and/or email. Can designate who receives the reminders and at what frequency – day of, day before, 2 days before, etc.
Coordination of Services
We try to coordinate services with other service providers that your child may see: school SLP, OT, PT, ABA therapist, etc. We will have you sign a Release of Information.
Standing appointments: same day of week and same time. Can flex if there is availability on therapist’s schedule.

30 minutes long: 25 minutes therapy 5 minutes review session, homework, answer questions period 45 and 60 minute appoints if therapeutically indicated.

Parents are in the waiting room during therapy sessions. If you want to be sitting in the room during a therapy session please discuss with your therapist.

You will receive appointment reminders via text and/or email. We encourage you to respond to the appointment reminder to confirm and especially to cancel.

Typically, we do weekly sessions. We can do 2 times per week if the therapist has availability and it is therapeutically indicated.

You respond to the appointment reminder to cancel your appointment.
Highly recommend that you contact your therapist via text, call, or email to cancel. Please include why you are cancelling.

Let your therapist know if you would like to reschedule.
If you have frequent cancellations your therapist will discuss scheduling options.

No Shows
You will be charged our current no show fee, unless you contact your therapist within 24 hours after your appointment.
After 3 consecutive No Show No Contact appointments you will lose your appointment time. You will need to contact your therapist to reschedule, as your appointment time may be filled with another client.

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