Evaluation and Therapy Treatment

We offer the following speech-language pathology (therapy) services for children ages 1 year through adults.
Therapy is 1:1 and individualized to meet the client’s and their family’s needs. Therapy is typically 30 minutes in length, but longer sessions are an option, based on many factors.

Play based: typically for our younger and/or cognitively challenged clients
Structured tasks: specific tasks with possible use of games, crafts, etc
Highly structured: drill work, specific answers, behavior management

Our goal is to make therapy sessions engaging and fun for them, as well as accomplish what they need to work on.

Homework: We will provide you with a home program at the end of each therapy session. The homework can range from suggestions to specific tasks.

We are proud to offer the following settings for therapy:
In office: our preferred choice for services
Teletherapy: for whom it is therapeutically appropriate

If you have had a recent evaluation within the last 3 months by another provider you can begin therapy without a formal evaluation. Reports will need to be provided to us prior to beginning therapy.

Session length:
Typical: 30 minute sessions
Available 45 and 60 minute sessions dependent upon client therapeutic need
Session frequency:
Typical: 1 time per week
Available: 2 or more times per week dependent upon client therapeutic need and scheduling availability.
We gladly consult and coordinate with other providers that are involved with you including your healthcare provider, school therapists, teachers, OT’s and PT’s.

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