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Essence of Communication

Speech Language Pathology Private Practice

Was founded in 2012. We started with 2 offices, 1 in Brighton and 1 in Longmont. In 2016 we expanded to 3 office locations, opening an office in the Northglenn/Westminster area as the result of a business association with Rocky Mountain Kid Therapy.

We are proud to provide quality speech-language pathology services to the communities in which we are located and the surrounding areas. We look forward to being your preferred provider for private Speech-Language Pathology Services.

Essence of Communication is a private Speech-Language Pathology (therapy) practice that is honored to provide services to persons of all ages who have communication challenges. Being able to communicate is the essence of experiencing and enjoying life as an individual and in society. Our goal is to help you achieve your maximum communication potential regardless of your challenges so you can live and experience your life to the fullest.

We provide personalized speech therapy based on the individual and their family needs. Our services are family centered.

It is our belief it is not only the individual who is affected by the communication impairment but the entire family. We strive to provide quality and up-to-date therapy services, education and counseling services to assist our clients and their families in their therapy journey.

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